Closing the lid, for now

I received an email from the founder of Pandora saying that due to international licensing problems, it would be impossible for the moment to stream Pandora to this country. Which, he admits, is extremely disappointing.

Pandora was, until today, the alternative I had to what passes for radio around these parts. (The songs and artists I chose for one of my stations is in fact based on the kind of music they played on a now-defunct radio station here in Manila.) I believe that the answer really is to figure out how we in the Philippines can help them get a service going here. Maybe interested parties could figure out a way to get local artists, record labels, musicologists, etc., to contribute to a local counterpart of the Music Genome Project, and a generous sponsor could work out the royalty issues at least for this country.

Until then, however, I will hold that it is the greed of people in the music industry that is ensuring this is happening. Some people may benefit from increased royalties, but I hear of a number of people in the music business whose net worth is more than that of the poorer countries in Africa. This has to stop.


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