The permanent diaconate – from the Roman Catholics…

The Roman Catholic Church in the US is among several Western countries where there are permanent deacons, that is, those who remain deacons for life. The overwhelming number are married, because the communion refuses to ordain married men to the priesthood and, perhaps for some, this is the best alternative. Deacons, properly understood, are an icon of Christ as servant and minister, and this order, in permanent form, has never died out in the East, where liturgies have extensive diaconal roles.

It has not been instituted in the Philippines yet, and if it does get instituted, I know quite a number of men who would apply.

Anyway, here’s a profile of a recently ordained permanent deacon in the US. By the way, we do have one studying at the Loyola School of Theology; I met him some time ago.

I might be adding a brief discussion after Trinity Sunday about a suggestion I and a number of others have made, about restoring the permanent diaconate to the Episcopal Church.


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