I do not have time for a longer blog piece to mark our National Day…

…so I am glad my old professor, Ambeth Ocampo, decided to print an email I sent in response to his column on the national flag and anthem. Mind you, it was in full. So thank you, Mr. Ocampo.
One more observation exclusive to this site: I should be taking a leaf from Mr. Ocampo and burning CD versions of the National Anthem to take with me. I also dislike the version they play in Ateneo sometime before nine, which indeed sounds too synthesized.
I don’t mind having an organ version of it either—in fact, it works with organ pretty well! When I was watching coverage of a memorial mass for the Spanish train bombing victims, the King entered to a very grand rendering of the Marcha Real, one of the two known sources of our National Anthem. (The other being La Marseillaise and the unknown source a moromoro.) And the organ was used to accompany the anthem at St. Andrew’s during its graduation.


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