Social networking in print

With the release of Nina Terol’s piece in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, this brings up to three the number of essays published over the last ten days in publications of record on the social networking phenomenon. The other two are both on Time Warner publications:

1. Fortune’s October 15 issue features a piece on Facebook, saying that though the author was not really too keen on it, he feels that it could be the site that defines the internet of the future.

2. Time’s October 29 Asia edition (which we now have) has a pessimistic piece on the whole social networking affair. The author feels, and I do too, that more often than not social networking sites have indeed become places for people to build an image for themselves, something which I am afraid is very much true.

These two pieces, alongside Nina’s piece from a young Filipina perspective, provide a good sample of the views people have on the social networking phenomenon. (I declare an interest: this piece is being posted to two social networks!)


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