Thesis one: The Renaissance person

This arose from an idea within the project I previously mentioned on this blog; of course, being a “thesis statement” like those who have taken philosophy at the Ateneo de Manila may know, it is really a short statement that demands explanation.

Or probably it falls under the category of an abstract for something much longer, which it is.

The Renaissance ideal of a well-rounded person, their interpretation of the Greco-Roman homo liberi, is one which cannot be lost even in a highly specialized world. Education’s goal ought to be to awaken an unending and rigorous curiosity in a person such that they can be able to speak knowledgeably about a variety of areas of human endeavor. While not all can really be “Renaissance men and women,” the end is to make this possibility real in contemporary society. Any form of social/professional specialization should be grounded in an awareness of the general, of the whole, and must arise from there.

Next time, I will add the second thesis of this longer piece.


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