Why I am not so keen on GAFCON

The reasons one could advance for not backing GAFCON, the “alternative Lambeth” are many. I am not convinced among other things that the Archbishop of Canterbury can no longer speak for the Anglican Communion. And while I am concerned that a majority of the leaders of ECUSA and its descendant, the ECP, are not too keen on doing serious yet practical theology (in the sense that it is willing to engage with the abstractions in the process of applying them, or that they haven’t been reading enough), I don’t think that’s enough reason for people to say that they don’t need each other anymore.

(Incidentally, I think the problems underlying the Anglican Communion, and to a lesser extent that of the Roman Catholic Church, are a result of clericalism as much as anything else. Note that not much has been said about the role of the laity in this context other than the controversial question of “lay presidency of the Eucharist” which Sydney has raised and the not insignificant issue of how the non-ordained take part in synods and parish meetings. I do suggest that if we look at ministry as a whole and not just the ordained aspect, then it is really a question of a tempest in a teacup.)

But if there is a reason I wouldn’t be so keen, it is the fact that the Latin word for “unity” is unitas. For crying out loud, just because unitas has six letters doesn’t mean it’s not symmetrical!


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