Musical ecumenism II

I have decided that I will not be writing about the political crisis in my country because other people can write about this better than me. I am also convinced that no peaceful solution is possible other than the status quo ante, but the other not-so-violent-yet-violent alternative may well be to roll back the clock democratically and start from there. That is what the present government will be doing. However, they are not explicit about it, and I think for transparency’s sake they should lay their cards on the table. That is why I will renew my passport and apply for a scholarship so I could go into temporary exile. Now.

Last Sunday at Holy Trinity Makati (Episcopal), another milestone in Philippine musical ecumenism occurred when the anthem at the preparation of the gifts and offertory, the choir sang Manoling Francisco and Jandi Arboleda’s setting of the Anima Christi. It is once again an example of using a hymn normally sung in RC churches at a certain time of the liturgy at a time that would make it sound different. This time, the use of the Anima Christi was anticipatory, but in the Lent context, with its meditation on the Paschal Mysteries that will be commemorated, this made the song quite appropriate.

I commend Trinity’s musical team for giving me another reason to smile during the liturgy.


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