Learning to be free

Today is the day Jaime Montero finally returns home to Sagada for his last journey. His remains were brought from the Cathedral Church of St. Mary and St. John in Quezon City, and are now halfway through the ten-hour journey to the mountain town.

Last night, I realized how many generations of people he and his wife had managed to touch. There were not too many alumni in attendance, but there were quite a few. It was mainly because the communications networks spread the news quite late. (For instance, there was a deacon of the Episcopal Church who was asked by his nephew Lemuel Sallidao to tell me that he died but forgot to tell me even if we were both at the same event for two straight days.) I found out on Friday about it, and I was told that most of those alumni who came did so on Thursday and Friday.

I fully expect to visit Sagada on the weekend of Labor Day, and now I have a reason to do so. I do hope that he is happy wherever he is now.


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