Easter gift – yet another liturgical book!

A friend from South Africa came through on his promise last year to give me a copy of the Anglican Prayer Book 1989, published by what is now the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. I was very intrigued by that book, because he said that one of the Eucharistic Prayers in that book was a Roman Catholic one. He said today that it often amused visiting Romans that they were using the Roman rite.

Sure enough, the Third Eucharistic Prayer of the APB 1989 is the Second Eucharistic Prayer of the current Roman Missal (preface included). Yes, this particular Eucharistic Prayer is the default one most of the RC clergy in the Philippines tend to use. It is the one I know by heart because it is used so often—“Lord, you are holy indeed, the fountain of all holiness…”

The book is interesting because, like the Melanesian Prayer Book, it is written in a surprisingly simple style. The reason for this, as is the case with the Melanesian book, is to facilitate translation into the multiple languages of the province—I understand that there are nine different versions, including English, Afrikaans, and Zulu. At the same time, the simplification still leaves, in my opinion, a recognizably Anglican style in many places. Nowhere is this more evident than the Office, a contemporary version of the Cranmerian original in both structure and content.


Meanwhile, I will be announcing a call for papers to the coming seminar on “The Church and the Kingdom” during Easter Week. The tentative venue for this seminar will be at Holy Trinity Church in Makati. The date and time is yet to be announced.


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