Holy Wednesday

First, my recollection went well, thank you very much. I had reasonable expectations of what this would be and they were met. I am sure that more activities like this are lined up, and I found out that this was an experiment of sorts that my university and the Jesuits were doing to figure out whether there was an audience for that sort of thing.

I will write more about this after Holy Week.


Second, I really am astonished about how some people can be so pissed off when their hero is attacked. On the guest book of one of my contacts, a largely symbolic protest campaign, someone left a pretty nasty message.

In the spirit of the week, I can only pray for that person and hope he is careful about what he says. I know how it feels to get into trouble for what I write. It is easier to seek forgiveness than to ask permission.


Third, I am grateful to everyone who has been visiting and reading my sites (and my Facebook notes linked to the Multiply one). My Easter resolution is that I will keep on blogging!


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