Between the signposts

In doing what I am about to do, I recall an old friend from university debate who once began his speech saying, “I intend to talk about A, B, and C.” Then, he said, “I will then talk about C before B as I normally do.”

So I will not write about Holy Week now and will then do my academic year wrap-up first.

It was a good (academic) year.

I got to know a group of students for a year, the future of their churches, and I learned as much from them as I hope they learned from me.

I remember the time I took some of them to Brent as I began taking a huge interest in Taize chant. And I am grateful for meeting one of the Taize community in the process.

I was able to read, mark, and learn not only from philosophers and theologians, but also from educators, and from many other people whose names I could not remember. But I do remember a group of farmers in particular who taught me about the power of persistence.

I met a lot of people this year, but I am particularly grateful for meeting my colleagues in the office where I am working.

And I remain grateful to my colleagues in Ateneo and St. Andrew’s. A special mention must be given to the younger generation of Atenean philosophy students and others who will be graduating this weekend; I met a good number of them during my first year as a graduate student, I met one of them during a typhoon relief effort, and I met a number of them through the debate circuit. Wherever you will go, I wish you all the best. The same goes, of course, for the seniors at St. Andrew’s whom I hope to meet in the vineyard of the Lord when the time comes.

Christos anesti!


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