The Inquirer got it wrong, again.

Here is the editorial to which I am referring. It is the second editorial for today.

And here is an open letter which I sent to the editors, but am publishing because blogs can get my views out equally quickly.

I am writing this of course, in light of what has happened in San Beda.


Dear Editors,

I am troubled by your second editorial dated today, 1 April, and I hope that this is no April Fools joke for us in the humanities.

I hope that your views do not influence higher education institutions anywhere into shutting down unnecessary departments dealing with fields like philosophy and literature, but I know that this will only add more ammunition to the arsenal of those advocating this. One prominent institution recently closed its philosophy department on the same grounds your editorial was making.

We believe that, as much as scientists and engineers are needed, we need humanists as well. We need people to reflect upon what it means to be human and to be Filipino, to draw attention to the way we use and misuse science and technology from different perspectives, and to make us aware of what is true, good, and beautiful.

Again, I hope you are not foisting a new Dark Ages upon us, by implying that the humanities and most of the social sciences are unnecessary. Please tell us it is only an April Fools joke.

Sincerely yours,

Renato V. Aguila


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