A short play deserves a short review

Q: Why would you give a short review for All I Want?

A. It is all of twenty minutes long, but I didn’t keep the time unfortunately. Oh and by the way, this was drafted before the moratorium so this is unfinished business before this shop closes.

Nothing would be finer than to temporarily leave the debate bubble, as a debating acquaintance described it, and to watch a play. Even a short one. Then again, if your female lead is described as “well-read, sometimes agressive, and intimidates boys,” you’d often wonder who within the bubble would fit the description. To those who met me on break night looking a little dazed, that was part of the explanation.

That aside, Ren Robles wrote a play for our time, where the crucial question that comes to fore is the value of male-female friendships. It is indeed about a metrosexual’s inept attempts at finding love, about how a woman seeks her own Mr. Right, and about how their ideals are really talk show hosts (yes, those were among the funniest lines). But it brings back to mind a point first discussed many years ago (ten years ago in fact) by Ruey de Vera in his Sunday Inquirer Magazine article on his close female friend. It seems that there are people who are happy, and willing, to let these friendships be.

In this sense, Ren was successful in showing that these relationships are possible. I particularly liked how Sab Jose (whom I last saw in Bat Boy) handled the female lead with the resonances it caused. Also, Pol Doble’s portrayal of a metrosexual was done with taste and understatement. Of course, Joy Alano (sister of a friend—disclaimer) was good in allowing just the right amounts of humor and sentiment to shine through.

On that note, I look forward to the coffee house tour Mahar told me they would be doing. I am really grateful for the chance to escape the bubble, to enjoy myself, and to reflect in the process. Which of course partly explains the moratorium.

Until May, then. Have fun everyone!


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