The Correspondent’s Notebook 3

Ateneo de Manila team wins PIDC again

QUEZON CITY – In a repeat of the second Asian Universities Debate Championships, an all-Ateneo de Manila final in the Philippine Intercollegiate Debate Championships resulted in the C team defeating the A team by 5 votes to 2, on the motion “that mass migration has eroded Philippine nationalism.” It was an outcome that was sure to please the crowd, as the government whip, Shiveena Parmanand, delivered a very impassioned speech to the applause of many present.

The best speaker of the round was Kip Oebanda, and Claire Jiao of UP Diliman A was best speaker of the the tournament. Wyndale Wong of Ateneo de Manila was the best adjudicator, and UP Diliman F was the best rookie team.

This tournament set several records. Among others, this was the first time, as previously reported, that four teams from the same institution faced each other in two consecutive rounds. It was also one of the largest Intercollegiate Debate Championships ever staged by UP Diliman, involving 64 teams. Another record, which was brought to the attention of this correspondent by a source contemporary to him in Philippine debate, has yet to be confirmed.

(Editor’s Note: While the organizers consider this the second PIDC, it is technically a continuation of the former Inquirer IDC and hence comparisons are possible. On this blog, I referred to it as the 7th tournament because, even if the newspaper withdrew its sponsorship, it is still an IDC organized by UP Diliman. Perhaps it would be better to use years, so I first officially adjudicated in IIDC 2004 and again in PIDC 2008.)


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