I’m back.

I have been on a blogging break for nearly a month. I would have wanted to extend it, because I think I found it more enjoyable to stay on the sidelines. In fact, my first official entry would be on Wednesday, 7 May, a date which for me has, due to recent findings, gained some significance. But I will start posting today nevertheless to give a preview of things to come:

1. On May 8 and 9, V-E Day weekend will be marked with reports on Baguio, where I will be spending a day and a half. Finally, I will write about the quietest place in Baguio, something I was supposed to have written on two years ago!

2. I recently commented on my final PIDC post that an idea occurred to me, of doing a statistical analysis of the results of the last tournament. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e., the only computer that can properly run SPSS here at home is used by someone reviewing for comps), I have delayed doing this until a later time. But to mark AUDC, I am sure this will be out for the occasion.

3. The reason I won’t be in Baguio for so long is that one of my favorite female musicians is in town and I’m watching her. Some of my readers will know who she is. After all, who could forget a certain piano riff from 2002 that made a number of us sit up and take notice?

4. Finally, it will be my birthday. No navel-gazing this time, I suppose. I’d like to have some fun now.

Until Wednesday, or until I am moved otherwise, all the best to my readers!


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