Little liturgical note

I served as a communion minister earlier at a concelebrated Mass, where the Bishop of Novaliches, Antonio Tobias, was the presider. The Mass went on for about an hour and a half.

Many of the concelebrants were not Filipino; eight of them live just a stone’s throw away, at a house once used by religious sisters. And the Mass was in Tagalog, a language many of them barely knew. So when the time came for the Eucharistic Prayer, I saw the most amazing sight: the presider saying the prayer solo voce, and silent concelebration. It really moved me. I am increasingly in favor of abolishing verbal concelebration which even Anglicans here do, and tonight gave me one more piece of evidence.

Especially when it is a Bishop presiding, everyone else in the altar should concelebrate silently and sing the people’s parts. That is I think a much better sign of the (Trinitarian) unity the Eucharist is supposed to represent.


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