A note from the Episcopal Church Council meeting

On some places where this will be reposted, I am sure that some readers will pay attention, so here is this excerpt from the Episcopal Church (USA) Executive Council meeting as reported by Episcopal Life Online:

“[Presiding Bishop Katharine] Jefferts Schori reported that during her recent trip to the Philippines, she visited Bishop Miguel P. Yamoyam, Episcopal Church in the Philippines’ provincial secretary, who suffered a stroke October 27, 2007 while attending the Executive Council’s meeting in Dearborn, Michigan. Yamoyam, she said, has recovered some movement on the side of his body affected by the stroke but has not recovered his speech. However, due to financial limitations and the fact that he and all Philippines clergy do not have health insurance, Yamoyam has been forced to stop his rehabilitation, Jefferts Schori said.”

Now please tell me what quickie autonomy has brought us. And please don’t tell me that St. Luke’s, an Episcopal institution, cannot even bother to tithe their time and resources to help Bishop Yamoyam. If that were the case, I’d suggest that all the Episcopal clergy seriously rethink being part of a church that can’t pay for health insurance.


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