Brian McLaren at Lambeth

In the past, I spoke of a book by American evangelical Christian author Brian MacLaren, A Generous Orthodoxy, which I still think is required reading for Anglicans in the Philippines. The Bishops and their colleagues in the ministry can find a copy (just one, sadly) at the library of St. Andrew’s Seminary, and even more sadly, the local “Christian” bookstores I know do not carry this at all, or include this in their consignments to big shops like Fully Booked. (I hope I am wrong—can anyone help me with this?) The fact is, in a country where “Catholic” is always put into opposition with “Christian,” even by Roman Catholics themselves, a book with that title won’t sell as much as it did in the States, where disgruntled evangelicals have grown tired with those debates.

However, this is about what Brian McLaren said at Lambeth Conference, which has been drowned out sadly by the first salvoes of the Ahmanson-funded campaign to undermine the Anglican Communion (as it is doing with the United Methodists). From what I have read of it, I am convinced that discovering what McLaren has to say is a good move—here, for me, is an evangelical Christian who is making sense. You can read Bishop Alan Wilson’s account here. And another account is here, from one of the ecumenical observers. The Lambeth Conference website reports on it here. And of course, McLaren is awed.


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