Transfiguration readings.

Here are some things to read and reflect upon today this Transfiguration Day. I will add my own voice tomorrow, the day after.

1. Michael Tan, a Chinese-Filipino columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, wrote what is admittedly a very thin but interesting beginner’s piece on Anglicanism in the Philippines. His discussion lacks the most important dimension, which is his experience of Anglican worship in the Philippine context. It is only in taking part in the Anglican liturgy that one can truly say that one has gotten to know Anglicanism.

2. Speaking of liturgy, Fr. Bosco Peters of New Zealand drew my attention on his blog, Liturgy, to an article on Evangelical Christians and their discovery of the liturgical tradition. I hope my friends who are evangelical Christian and who are dabbling in the evangelical way of being Christian will ask themselves whether their “relevant” worship ignores the depth and profundity which the liturgical tradition possesses. And of course, I raise this as a challenge to all liturgically minded Christians as well: have we taken liturgy too seriously or not seriously enough?

3. Finally, here is an earlier article from Christianity Today which poses similar challenges.


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