Upcoming events!

Apparently, there is a syndication problem between Facebook and Multiply, so from this point on cut and paste is my friend. If not, I am plugging http://renpaul.blogspot.com, where all things end up anyway.

Now if anyone can invite me to a blog viewer application, I would be happy…

Here are some things I intend to blog about in the next three weeks:

1. West Side Story is premiering on the 5th of September in Manila, and I am watching the opening night performance with a friend from university. A review will show up on this space soon.

2. September 8 is the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Ben Vallejo reminded me today that you cannot know the Son without getting to know about the Mother. I am reading the late John Macquarrie’s Christology Revisited and it may be good to reflect upon the opposite: how knowing the Son can help in knowing the Mother.

3. If I get to the Manila International Book Fair, impressions will spew forth on this annual event for bibliophiles.

4. Finally, it is Holy Cross Day on 14 September. I wrote an essay for this occasion two or three years ago, and I would like to revisit what I wrote then.


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