Site of the month for August – Ken Collins, high-church Evangelical

I have to recommend this site for everyone’s enjoyment, because there are few that are quite like that. The Rev. Ken Collins, a minister in the Disciples of Christ in the US, posts a very interesting web site that highlights a way of being Christian that is very Evangelical (not in the depressingly negative way fundies and neo-cons are, if you ask me) but at the same time very liturgical and Catholic (in the very positive sense of how he views the Church as such).

I found his defense of the historic Christian liturgical tradition and how he urges churches to adopt it a very refreshing shift from the polemic against it from those in his mold. In many ways, he is what I would characterize a high-church Evangelical, one whose concern for the unity of Christians is founded not on some fuzziness about what to do about the world’s problems (though that is good), but on the traditions of worship and prayer that have nourished and sustained Christians throughout the years. Which, of course, he carefully takes note to found on the Scriptures as a good Evangelical should.

Of course, Romans, Anglicans, and Orthodox would ask, “Why isn’t he one of us?” Because that’s beside the point… 😉


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