Site of the month – Lutheranism and liturgy

My friend, Don Jon Alano, gave me this link to try and while it is just starting out, I think it looks promising if the author keeps his eye on the ball.

It may be of interest to note that Luther and Calvin had a strong sacramental and liturgical sense that their followers all but dumped. However, Lutheran liturgy seems to have thrived in the Swedish/Finnish Lutheran tradition—the term hogmesse is still being used for the principal Sunday act of worship.

Indeed, Don notes in a text received a few minutes ago that it is in the interest of ecumenism to read and encourage writers like Pastor Jack Whritenour in their efforts to keep the liturgy a part of our common ecumenical heritage.


Will the bonfire be burning on Bellarmine Field? Abangan. But as I said some months back, I am Christian before I am Filipino, and Filipino before Atenean. And that is all.


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