Petulance and progress

On my Multiply site where my note, “The latest bit…” was cross-posted, Ben Vallejo wrote the following comment:

“This is good news. Now if UP and Ateneo would stop being so parochial and more cosmpolitan about a lot of things, then we can expect even higher ratings.

About theology faculties, we don’t have a university where faculties of Catholic, Protestant, Anglican/Episcopal and Ecumenical theology coexist. We are too sectarian….” He went on to comment about the RH bill debate, which I will not repost here because I will not talk about it.

Now, I agree with the general thrust of his suggestion—we have to have these faculties of theology coexisting in one place. If I may be so bold, my university, the Ateneo de Manila for example can host an ecumenical confederation of faculties of theology which would at first be sort of a branch of LST which would then build on refugees from other Catholic or non-Catholic schools of theology who are turned off, say, by the overtly ideological agendas of their institutions.

What I am about to post is a further comment reacting to a series of emails I received this afternoon:

“I would like to draw attention to recent developments. As Ben noted in his comments, Philippine universities in general, and the two ranked ones in particular, should stop being so parochial about these things, but then I hear that one of these universities’ alumni and administrators are grumbling about two things:

1. The survey agency is “shady,” so the rankings don’t count, and
2. Peer rankings are an unreliable measure of excellence.

“As I said in the main post, I won’t think rankings are everything, but they do tell us something. Are we back to the days of the Asiaweek survey when we all either protested or beat our chests in self-pity? I think we are!

“Sadly, parochialism and petulance are not helping us improve. I would hope therefore that those concerned should send the necessary wake-up call. In the case of three of these universities, alumni should stop giving and tell administrators how they should best spend their money. And in the case of the fourth, I urge the authorities to warn the institution that unless they shape up, they won’t get a single peso from people like me and the millions who pay taxes!”


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