Thank God for Martin Luther

Rethinking one’s faith in a positive way, as Michael Tan notes in yet another remarkable column on religion in today’s Inquirer, will lead me to the same conclusion: we need a Reformation. We always do, as a church. Every time we forget what we’re supposed to do, someone like Martin Luther should come along and wake us up.

So thank God for the Reformation. It may have divided the Church, but it allowed us to clarify our respective ecclesial visions and move forward as civilizations. If it weren’t for Martin Luther, I can assure you that we would not even have the Reproductive Health Bill.

Thank God for the Reformation, for it reminds us to take the Bible seriously, the book which Roman Catholics take for granted and Protestants take far too seriously at times.

Thank God for the Reformation, for some of what the Second Vatican Council owes itself to the insights of the Reformers and the Counter-Reformers.

Of course, I must say that the Orthodox have never had to live through that, but then again, would it not be better that they need a Martin Luther to wake them from their complacency and remind them of Jesus Christ?


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