And then there is something else to do – weekend reading

As these hopeful days continue, I can only say that… see the title.

Of course, there is nothing to do at some point, but that is another story entirely.


Some things to read and reflect upon this weekend would include the following:

1. William Cavanaugh’s thoughts on the Church and its relationship to the secular order are enough to make you wonder why some churches would fly national flags inside it or outside it. I am reading a shorter book of essays, Theopolitical Imagination: Discovering the Liturgy as a Political Act in an Age of Global Consumerism, which I would recommend as a good introduction to the key thesis of his theological reflections. Of course, for those who are more historically minded, his Torture and Eucharist is still the book to read—it has made me see the parallels between the Chilean and Philippine experience, but also the differences.

2. Derek the Aenglican and Christopher both write this weekend on a question of Anglican liturgical practice, and this reminds me of a point that has to be made: Anglicanism’s greatest liturgical gift to Christianity is the Office, and yet in recent years it has been deemphasized too much. It must be noted that the Office is celebrated publicly on weekdays only in two places: the local Episcopal seminary, and the chapel of Brent School Manila.


Finally, I saw something that reminded me of why one very recent return I made was a very good thing.


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