Short pieces between/about reviews

While I haven’t been able to finish writing my review of Metamorphoses, another student production I watched last week, I have decided to make a few notes, looking back and looking ahead:

1. Those who are watching Rock and Rule these next few days should be reminded that it is a jukebox musical. Hence, participation is key and in fact may be helpful in overlooking some things people like me would nitpick about. So brush up on Queen! (The Act II numbers are the occasion for the real singing-along, I’m warning readers.) Last time I was there, only two people sang along, so they were forced to sing snatches of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Your correspondent was one of them, and I’m glad my training singing along to the great falsetto pop groups served me in good stead. If I get word that few are singing….

2. I will begin my review (due tomorrow) with a tribute to one of the best touches TA placed on its newbies show. One of the actresses went out, in costume and in character, to make a logistical announcement and greet those waiting in line. I found it moving, not to mention amusing, because not long before I saw the actress in question reading at the Heights folio launch.

3. By the way, I have been listening to Queen recordings since that musical came out, but Celeni Kristine Guinto, a Gleek in UP Law, drew attention to the Glee cast version of “Somebody to Love,” used in the aforementioned musical, and I found it amazing.

4. And one more thing about Metamorphoses: I got to see the trailer TA produced for the Ateneo cafeteria’s video wall, from a distance. It was interesting and intriguing, but having watched already, it was enough for me to say, “Oh, okay” and then move on.

5. Finally, I found last night’s tribute to the Gawad Tanghal ng Lahi awardees to be a most impressive show of musical talent. Hearing Rolando Tinio’s version of the most difficult aria in the operatic soprano repertoire was really worth the trouble getting there.

So that leaves me to say that tomorrow, my review of Metamorphoses will be up, and then there’s just one newbie play more–but that won’t get a review.


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