It was a weekend, wasn’t it?

Last weekend saw a couple of big events happen, tied together by the VinylonVinyl store’s first big gig. I was a little concerned for them, as it was a big “coming-out party” for the store, but it went very well.

A brief account of the two evenings will be published on the Philippine Online Chronicles within the week, but what will do for now is to give you two photographs.

Now I visit VinylonVinyl on “dead days” to speak with the people there. It therefore came as a shock to see the sight of this crowd on Saturday night:

This is highly unusual for the store.

The auction went well too, from the accounts I’ve heard. They were selling some of Tara McPherson‘s limited-edition band concert poster prints, and there were no failed bids. Two of the works went for four times the minimum asking price. And it went so well that one of the works was purchased by accident. I won’t name names here.

The interest in this event and its context of the Manila Design Week prompted Tara McPherson to say (and yes, this is a preview) that her first impressions of the Philippine design scene were that “people seem to be very interested in it.” While it is market-driven, something I know will make certain circles turn up their noses, at least (a) it is honest about its being market-driven and (b) it is slightly more democratic in the way it is welcoming people.

So it was that I returned the next day to watch Tara and three other artists work on a site-specific canvass.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that, for now, is part of my weekend.


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