Quote for the week beginning 13 February

From the late Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann of St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary:

“If the Church is truly the ‘newness of life’–the world and nature as restored in Christ–it is not, or rather ought not be, a purely religious institution in which to be ‘pious,’ to be a member in ‘good standing,’ means leaving one’s own personality at the entrance–in the ‘check room’–and replacing it with a worn-out, impersonal, neutral ‘good Christian’ type personality. Piety in fact may be a very dangerous thing, a real opposition to the Holy Spirit who is the Giver of Life–of joy, movement and creativity–and not of the ‘good conscience’ which looks at everything with suspicion, fear and moral indignation.”


For the Life of the World (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1973, 2nd ed.), p. 76, emphasis his.

I wish everyone the best this week and always, of course. And prayers and best wishes are requested at this time of transition.