The week begins–and a new year too. With short glimpses

1. To begin a new year for me, which will actually begin on Thursday, I will be featuring a favorite song that is, of course, faith-based. My work these days, as it was a year ago, is in that sector.

Here is Timothy Dudley-Smith’s “So the day dawn for me.” It will always be connected with David Ashley White’s setting of that tune, which can be found in the SSJE collection of recorded evening songs and Compline named  Guard Us Sleeping.

So the day dawn for me, so the day break
Christ watching over me, Christ as I wake.
Be the day shine for me, be the day bright,
Christ my companion be, Christ be my light.
Be the day dark to me, be the day drear,
Christ shall my comfort be, Christ be my cheer.
Be the day swift to me, be the day long.
Christ my contentment be, Christ be my song.
So the day close for me, so the night fall.
Christ watching over me, Christ be my all.
2. Meanwhile, I must apologize for the lack of material so far here. But there is more to come, including some notes on Vigan, and David Ford’s Self and Salvation.
3. Speaking of Vigan, I must say that there were two restaurants recommended by a new friend I have yet to visit, so I intend to return. But it is enough that I got my empanada fix on Plaza Burgos. For less than fifty pesos, I had lunch.
4. Also, my warmest congratulations to several couples who were married last weekend. Most notable are Mannix Abrera and Melay Lapena, whose wedding I attended, and Czarina Medina and Jayr Guce, whose wedding was in Baguio.
5. Finally, I have an essay on quiz nights coming this week. A paean? I think I know some people who’ll be interested to find out.

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