Seven things I learned this week.

In my first new update in generations, I think it is about time I start with something less ambitious. How about a list?

1. Yes, wax seals are still around. The independently-released Found and Lost by the de la Cruz siblings (playing as Fando and Lis) has a wax seal on the envelope-like CD sleeve. For 300 PHP, the most elegant touch to an album cover I have seen all year.

You're welcome Ledh!

2. The challenge for electronic keyboard players in rock bands is how to make their sound expressive with the use of technology. I say if we stuck to pipe organs… (Hat tip to Eric and Abby of Fuseboxx for this insight.)

3. Speaking of Fuseboxx, I learned that last Wednesday was their tenth birthday, being the anniversary of their first gig ten years ago at the Watering Hole.

4. A four-course dinner at an art gallery on a quiet Tuesday evening is truly something to be experienced. (This was after an artist’s talk before which the topic of conversation was…never mind.)

5. SPIT fans would want to know that Quantum Cafe is the new regular performing spot for the local improv troupe! Lower cover charges, yes? (By the way, if you are not vegetarian like some of the owners, try their Vigan–not vegan– longganisa pizza. I love it.)

6. Hannah+Gabi first performed at a New Slang event in June 2010. I first saw Mikey perform at a pre-Folk U event around that time.

7. It is no use teaching old dogs new tricks. Better put them to sleep instead. Metaphorically.


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