Weekend worrier

As with the last one, it’s a series of short things to share about last weekend. Longer posts can wait.

1. I have finally broken the seal on Found and Lost, but not quite. The workaround was slitting the envelope across the top. I have heard the album twice already, and a review has been filed at midnight today.  However, I can safely say that my sister loves it and is very grateful. I knew she would like it!

2. On a slightly more serious note, I was glad to have met two of the persons described in the new Kaya Natin! Champions book at a blogger’s event. Representative Bolet Banal of Quezon City’s Third District, covering Cubao, Kamuning and the eastern part of the City, was there to share what he was up to in Congress. (Incidentally, Quezon City will, if the bill clears the Senate, become six legislative/council districts, finally ending the anomaly of the largest legislative district in the nation.) Former Mayor Sonia Lorenzo of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, shared her experience of turning the town around from being classified as a sixth-class municipality to being a first-class one–largely due to getting people involved and making things transparent.

The book is available from Fully Booked and the Ateneo de Manila University Press for PHP 295.

(Incidentally, I learned about what exactly a Citizen’s Charter is–it’s a written commitment on a local authority’s part to disclose policies and procedures to make things transparent, and also a way of guaranteeing that problems are resolved in the shortest time possible.)

Former Mayor Lorenzo and Represenative Banal with Harvey Keh, convenor and founder of Kaya Natin! and the book's editors Kai Pastores and Shylynne Castillo.

Of course, I could say more, but all I can say is, watch this space for more on the book. Thanks to the Kaya Natin! group for a great time and the interesting conversations I had both before, during, and after.

3. Saturday was a quiet evening and a chance to stay home for once after a long week. But if there is one thing I discovered, it is that I have changed somewhat–I am less of a homebody than I was years ago.

4. Finally, I would like to put in a plug for next Monday’s very special Geek Fight! organized by the Explorers of Uranus team. For the first time in the history of Geek Fight, we will have a current events round, drafted by yours truly. Having briefly took part in what someone I know calls the less rowdy side of the “pub quiz” scene, we would like to know whether geeks really know what’s going on in the real world. Who knows?

The event is at 8 PM at B-Side, the Collective, at 7274 Malugay Street, Makati.

5. By the way, why the title? Well, the story I spoke about last time is unfinished, and it was only this morning, after watching the inspiring events in Libya, that I got a clearer picture of what to say about something I wanted to do.



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