Reviews that don’t go anywhere (part 1)

Today I looked through my list of promised topics and realized it would take more than one post to talk about them. Then again, I could do better than that.

So in keeping with a practice I used to do, I will do the second and third topics first and then the first one last.

Last night, the Explorers of Uranus had a very successful Geek Fight! For a first-time team hosting this over a long holiday with people out of town and the weather still uncertain, we were able to draw enough teams to have a fun and competitive evening. Half the teams were newcomers from, among others, the comedy and NGO worlds (the former because one of our number is a comedic performer and the latter because the co-presenter was the Dakila collective).

In the run-up to this event, we were thinking of prizes to give out to the winners. The Committee Geek Fight has a sponsored prize, so conveniently enough the Dakila people had something to give–special advocacy CDs. And then in one of those “I spoke too soon” moments, I suggested that we give away Philippine independent music CDs. Let’s go through the three suggestions quickly:

1. fuseboxx – The most prominent local progressive rock act. (I can never get to utter their slogan with any credibility.) With a new album out since June 2011, and a single whose video is being aired on Channel V Philippines, the group is working slightly overtime to get the word out about the music they are passionate about. I have to say their enthusiasm is infectious.

2. Fando & Lis – Named after a controversial Mexican surrealist film, the duo consists of Khavn de la Cruz and his charming sister Ledh (yes, it is on the record). Khavn plays piano and sings, and his sister sings along on a new album, Found and Lost, bringing together songs new and old. (“Gusto,” one of the first songs on it, is taken from an older film soundtrack Khavn did, and he did the song with–surprise!–Jolina Magdangal.) It is a mellow, OPM-ish album. Whether it is a strength or a weakness is something we will not know.

3. Hannah+Gabi – Mikey Amistoso of Ciudad has a very interesting solo project, and it is a much mellower sound than what his band is known for. The EP, Haha Yes, features a charming song called “Lost Together” that instinctively grabs one by its beautiful refrain.

Now I will say more as to why I recommended them in another post.


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