On life support

The place is very much around. As a sign things have moved on since a series of tumultuous events, a spot once connected with the independent film scene here has now become in part a bodega for Christmas stars. The other shops I last saw are still there, including a book shop whose ties to a part of my 2011 experience ought to be healthily forgotten.

The way I see it, the owner is trying to postpone the inevitable, refusing to sell. But as I was told, some people found the departures, the tumult, a blessing. They were bad for business, the crowds who swarmed the place whenever the fair came to town.

So what is left after the circus has moved on? I hesitate to speculate. But the new watering hole whose food was, until the unfortunate events broke out, small comfort put up a sign. An odd one warning about people who didn’t pay or caused trouble…perhaps the same people who were in the circus. But of course they wouldn’t tell you that.


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