It was a very good year

It was a very good year.

Perhaps many of us may share this sentiment. Perhaps it may not have been so for some. Yes, there were setbacks and trials and challenges and all those things that would make us think otherwise. Then we are brought to mind of all the disasters that cause death, destruction, and the like. I am remembering Dumaguete, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro, and many other places hit by the recent storms.

Perhaps we may not see it now, but saying “it was a very good year” is an act of faith. We have faith in other people, because they stood with us and made life this 2011 a wonderful one in spite of all that has happened. We have faith in our capacities, frail though they are, to change the world and change the way we see it. We have faith that a Higher Power has been guiding us and the world, even if we sometimes do not notice it.

“It was a very good year”: saying it is an act of love. We know that it is love that has sustained us, and has driven us to generosity, to friendship, to deepen our relationships with each other.

Most of all, it is an act of hope. We may have begun 2011 with the hope that it would be a good year, but as the year ends, it is a hope that no matter what, things have been good for us.

And maybe it was a very good year because we may have become better people in the process. We have become stronger people, wiser people, more loving people, more hopeful people.

If only for that, it was a very good year.

28 December 2011
Holy Innocents Day


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