Three things 3 – 9 February 2012

1. Tara McPherson’s talk at UP Diliman today was not only very informative, as one of her hosts, Gaby of Vinyl on Vinyl put it, but also inspiring. Here was someone who was not afraid to discuss art vs commerce with honesty and matter-of-fact-ness. But here was also someone who believes that the process, not just the results counted. I hope the kids who were listening take what she said to heart, because the art scene as we know it will eat them alive if they aren’t careful.

2. After her talk today, I visited the UP Heritage Museum. On at the moment is a Joya retrospective, featuring figurative works from different stages of his career. It’s worth exploring if one is only familiar, as I am, with his abstract pieces, two of which are at the Ateneo Art Gallery.

3. To preview a soon-to-be-published review of a Shakespeare play produced by a prominent theater company, let me say this: if they used Chicago instead of Noel Coward, I think it would have made more sense. After all, “All That Jazz” describes King Lear more than “20th Century Blues.”


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