Three things 4 – 12 January 2012

First of all, I can tell you that I am looking forward to watching this show on Channel 5. Not since the days of ER and other staples of NBC’s late, lamented Must See TV lineup from the late Nineties showing on that channel would I express any degree of enthusiasm for watching that station. But I will stop here, because I may have to discuss my reasons for doing so and I think I’ve used up my “plug quota” for the last seven days, so…

1. …we begin with Rob Cham’s digitized collection, Stories: volume one, which is now available on the Kindle Store. I was able to get the special free release, which lasts until noon tomorrow, and have yet to begin reading it. I am reviewing The Hobbit because of the upcoming film, so I will save that for next time. His enthusiasm for music led him to work with Mei Bastes, whose blog he designed. Rob and his girlfriend were at a gig two Fridays ago where I saw new videos directed by Robert Lyren.

2. Mr. Lyren, an expat American, has been hosting a show for some time now with Gaijin’s Jesse Grinter called Lost in Translation. Their Filipina friend, the multi-talented Joee Mejias, is the show’s “translator,” whose role, as you may surmise, is in part what any decent translator does. This show has fast become a favorite, and on those Saturday nights when I am not out, I listen to their unique brand of humor and their mix of music. But I am very grateful to them because they helped some friends get their music out there. 

3. Apart from this new habit of mine, my Sundays would not be complete without Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! which is NPR’s weekly news quiz show. Like its BBC Radio 4 counterpart The News Quiz, it takes a lighthearted look at the news from its own context. (I listen to the British one on Saturdays.) This is part of the reason I rarely watch television. But not anymore. 



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