Three things 12 – 8 March 2012

Today is International Women’s Day. Of course it is a great time to remember all the women in our lives, and how we value them. Most of all, it is a time to remember that there are many women in the world who by reasons of hunger or poverty do not get a chance to become who they can truly be.

But first a word of thanks to the women in my life, whether they are family, friends, or colleagues. I am immensely grateful.

1. Speaking of Women’s Day, I know one place that is on a day off today, and it is the Philippine Educational Theater Association. This gave the post-show reception of their Shakespeare sonnets concert Thee Na Natuto an added incentive for people to celebrate well into the night. The last staging, and the end of their current season, will be this Friday evening, which will also begin the next (but I doubt last) run of the Battalia Royale theater event. I did meet at least one person at PETA who was there the same night as I was, at CCP.

Oh yes, please do wait for the review. However, a preview: PETA even proved it could make fun of itself, but only if people got the joke. They read one of the sonnets (and a translation) in a manner which astute viewers of their Haring Lear production would recognize. Fortunately, it was Shakespeare, not T.S. Eliot. [tongue sticking out]

Of course, I won’t include that, as my editor would happily take it out.

2. Last weekend, I found myself at the second day of the Better Living through Xerography 2012 event, which was started by Adam David as a way of promoting alternative/independent publishing. This time around, they decided on this second day (the first, at Ilyong’s, I could not attend because I had other plans) to have a forum on different aspects of the independent publishing scene. They had it at a small cafe just off T. Morato where a writers’ group I know organizes events. It was a very educational experience, and I also got the chance to meet friends I recently got to know in the fields of writing and publishing, and to reunite, in one case, with one or two old acquaintances.

I was at the first BLTX event in 2010, and I do recall getting one poetry book at that one. At least this year, it was a “value-added” experience, because I understood why, among others, it is not a good idea to have your work consigned to a certain school supplies store.

3. Finally I have two suggestions for those in the Makati area tonight. First, come over to the Filipinas Heritage Library for an event presented by Astigirl author Tweet Sering  starting at six. At around the same time, just an underpass and an overpass away, there’s an all-women show opening at the Altro Mondo gallery at the third floor of Greenbelt 5. I might go from one to the other, but in any case, it’s fun to celebrate the talent of women whatever their field.

(Since I don’t talk about work, I won’t mention that last night I was at a metal gig where all the leads were women. Just to note I was suddenly reminded of the band Blast Ople and how its drummer and film director Marie Jamora would introduce herself. Incidentally, she is filming something at the Collective on Saturday.)


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