Three things 13 – 11 March 2012

Lucky 13 it is. So here’s just a bit for the weekend:

1. I noted yesterday (in a long-form way) that that night was the last day of a certain independent music gig. However, what also came to an end was the constant theft that takes place every time that party happens in a large public space. At least three people lost their phones that night. I am at a loss to explain how we can trust anyone to keep us safe in this country. After all, I am of the view that allowing people to get away with committing large crimes lets people commit much lesser crimes with impunity. (Corruption is an excellent example.)

2. Meanwhile, something worth reading this weekend is this piece on alternative vacation ideas in the Philippines that appeared in the travel pages of the New York Times. The photographer on this piece, incidentally, is Jes Aznar. I have written about Aznar’s work before, and I think it is a welcome change to see him cover peaceful, sedate, and happy things.

3. The ides of March are quite near. I’m quite aware that I have to beware that. So please do keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


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