The cross between art and commerce

Yesterday and today got me very amused over what could be a sign of how clued in very commercial enterprises are to the obscure (save to those “in the know”) and the artsy, and I think these are worth blogging about.

First, I saw that the new Royal Tru-Orange soda packaging (for the 1.5 liter bottle) came with a surprise in the bar code. It showed a figure holding up the bar code which was redrawn to look like a boom box. (Yes, I am listening to the song that came out of that particular boom box in that particular movie.) Whoever designed that gets kudos from me.

Second was at a chain restaurant that was acquired by the Jollibee firm for a billion pesos sometime last year. The chain decided, given that they had a singer as one of their first endorsers, to produce a series of music videos with their product placed in it, not too subtly. Now one of those videos was shot in a place familiar to me–I was there last Saturday in fact. (Regular readers may figure it out by now.) And about a third of it was shot in a frightfully familiar establishment, of which I have the dubious distinction of having written about twice.

On that less serious note, have a wonderful week!


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