Three things 14 – 14 March 2012

Fourteen on the fourteenth. Thanks for reading by the way.

Meanwhile, as we mark the passing of two noted musicians here in the Philippines, my post today will talk about two items in the press and about coming attractions.

1. Before I post about this piece that only came to my attention today, my disclaimer: the band to which she belongs has asked me to help me with their PR. I had no hand in getting this interview, though.

If there is one bit of sheer chance which changed my life, it was a fateful trip to the Collective. I was, as usual, early for an event at Vinyl. Before I could get to my favorite food shop there (more on which shortly), I saw that B-Side, the place’s music events venue, was open early and there were tarps galore outside for what turned out to be an album launch. Johnny Alegre’s Humanfolk project was launching their self-titled debut album. And he had a group of musicians who were themselves noteworthy. One of them was a young woman whose name sounded utterly familiar. When I went over to the registration booth and read the material, I suddenly remembered that she was the lead singer of a band who happened to stun a number of us at Mag:net Gallery when it reopened the year before. I did something which, at the time, I would rarely do. I went out of my way to congratulate her.

So it was that, to make this story short, I met Abby Clutario, Fuseboxx’s lead singer. (Style thing: I capitalize band names by convention. They don’t capitalize theirs. Let’s call the whole thing off.) And after a short chat, I decided to add her on Facebook and saw that, much to my surprise, she knew many of my friends from my time as a production staff member at the Ateneo College Glee Club.

That is how I got to know her and her band. And for those who have yet to discover one of those bands of which it can rightly be said, “Where have these guys been?”, read this press interview with Abby in the Philippine Star. And watch them perform later at 70s Bistro on Anonas Street, Quezon City.

(Okay I will stop talking about this part of my work now.)

2. Speaking of the noodle shop, I think another bit of reminiscing is in order, whose connections will come together neatly at the end of the next paragraph. Back in 2010, I wrote this piece about a place which, coincidentally, was called Manila Collective in Cubao X. It was a photojournalist’s gathering place. At that time it was one of the few establishments that served both coffee, tea, and a range of pastries at that otherwise alcohol-fueled place.

There was a documentary photograph master class which was led by a photojournalist, and I vaguely recall that they had some sort of show-and-tell by another senior member of the profession. It was there that I met one of the editors of GMA News Online, Victor Sollorano. Why I met him there among the photographers was still a mystery, and this was only revealed when an email came to me after the Collective Art Fair. He had a photo exhibit at Wabi-Sabi Noodle House.

Telling the story behind the story is something I can safely do here, but please do visit the vegan noodle place to see his exhibit, Hasu (Lotus), for yourselves. It should still be up at the shop. Besides, I did write a story about it, so you can find out more about it there. (The reason I did so is, as a contributor, I can write stories about people within the team that the regular staff cannot.)

3. Finally, in the arts scene, here are three events to check out tomorrow. Silverlens opens three shows, including a new End Frame show with Maria Tanaguchi. But I will be most likely spending my night at Alliance Francaise de Manille for their annual Printemps des  Poetes event, starting at 7:30. And the Dakila collective has this event at B-Side later in the evening, which I hope will feature a book of condolences/tributes for people to sign, in honor of Karl Roy’s passing.


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