Vita brevis

It should not surprise those who’ve known me long enough that I skipped a reunion. Again. I seem to have lost some enthusiasm since the last one five years ago, when I was then still working at a training firm and little was on the horizon of the changes I would experience in my life. As I am preparing to meet some newer friends, the thought that comes into my mind was a Latin phrase: vita brevis. A short life.

(If I wanted a sentence, I would go for that line from the Gaudeamus igitur anthem: “Vita nostra brevis est.” Our lives are short.)

I would like to think that I would not be around very long. Even if my past shaped who I am now, I have often had some regrets about it. But life is too short for regrets. Or for dwelling on them.

Life is too short for recalling the traumas, the awkwardness, the roots of an unease with myself and others that sometimes manifests itself in anger. Life is too short for even trying to celebrate what has been–though I think in one case, the musical legacy of the past, it is worth celebrating–because there is so much now to experience for me, or for anyone. And so much to come, in God’s future.

Perhaps I would like to honor my past, in another way, at another time. For now, I wish all of you well, those I valued as friends and those I just could not. Godspeed.


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