Unease about unease

Sometimes it will be hard for me to avoid a “plague on both your houses” statement such as this one. I have to be careful what I say here, so I apologize if in places it is vague.

I understand that some musicians have been pushed to the margins by the way the “industry” works. It is a most unfortunate thing, especially if they are the kind of talent the country’s music scene sorely needs. I understand that this exclusion can breed resentment, and sometimes, it can boil over. It may not be easy but there is a time to be angry and a time not to be.

On the other hand, I think the unease felt by some musicians does reflect badly on the powers that be. It is hard to pick the “winners” and “losers” in a situation where we can supposedly have diversity that builds unity in our country. Any attempt to exclude brings with it some risk. The risk is that we will continue to see that resentment, and it is magnified by the way the anger can spread.

With this, I urge those I know in the music scene to please calm down especially as we begin Holy Week. I am saddened by the unease, because I know that while it is inevitable, it breeds the negativity that is part of the fallenness of our human condition. To inject a note of religious sentiment here, Christ redeemed our fallen humanity for us to overcome that which has driven us apart. Even in our fallenness, I have seen grace work.

I have seen grace work in the sounds of music by men and women who love their metier, as the French put it. I have seen grace work in those who acknowledge their prejudices and preconceptions and overcome them to discover beauty and see things for themselves. I have seen grace in the way we all come together to celebrate each other’s gifts.

I hope we may all have eyes to see.


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