Three things 18 – 12 April 2012

Christ is risen! Christos anesti!

A brief edition it is, and there’s a lot to write about this week. Maybe I’ll save some of my longer stuff for the weekend.

1. First of all, this post is coming to you from the Cheese Steak Shop in Manila, where I finally claimed a coupon I ordered in January. The sandwich was amazing–with the hot peppers on board, this was something that definitely cheered me up on a very bad day. I fully intend to return.

2. Secondly, time for a big plug. I am working with Silverfilter’s Electronica Manila on a gig at Quantum this 27 April. For more information and to order tickets, visit this link! (You can also order tickets at the gate of course.) One of the groups I work with, Firefly Logic, will be performing.

3. Finally, I would like to wish everyone a blessed Easter, and hope that we can believe in the resurrection. Easter Essay coming soon, probably in the middle of the Great Fifty Days!


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