Three things 20 – 20 July 2012

The timing of this post is not coincidental.

1. Someone I know who is a film critic reminds me that it’s the films, and not the festival, we should be backing. Yes, I am talking about a festival whose opening happens tonight. I have yet to know whether there are opportunities for me to see the films at a very affordable rate, and if so, I will try to blog during the event.

Films I am watching will definitely include Raymond Red’s Kamera Obscura, which was very long in the making. The director told me at an exhibit opening-cum-music event (at Nova Gallery; yes, it was a dream evening) that it took a while to make–the technology caught up with what he had in mind since the Eighties.

Of course, the other film to watch is Marie Jamora’s Ang Nawawalaa film whose making I witnessed on two occasions–once at the last Meiday gig and a few weeks later at Route 196. Those who were at the last Meiday gig and who came early enough were lucky to catch Sandwich’s set–the production schedule necessitated it.

But enough about that. I am endorsing the film because this is the work of people I have come to know and appreciate over the years. I also have grown to appreciate many of the musicians whose work appears in the film. Notwithstanding the concern about what kind of music is prized in the film (something which I hope to discuss after seeing the movie), it is, as I pointed out in a recent (heavily edited) article, a selection Marie made based on the kind of music she likes. (I think any future reflection will be a gloss on de gustibus non est disputandum, or is it?) More importantly, I am glad that there is a candidate this year for the thoughtful film about the upper-class Filipino which the late Alexis Tioseco wanted to see.

The other film in that category would be The Animals, by new director Gino Santos. While I was told (and that has to be verified by the way) that a recent interview he gave seemed laughable, I had no such qualms when I spoke with him at the Cinemalaya launch. Marie Jamora herself mentioned that she was actually looking forward to seeing that film, and I am too.

2. I was at the rear of the UP Film Institute the night a past Cinemalaya entry (and critical favorite) Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kabilang Paa was showing, for a student video art exhibit that opened Wednesday evening. Titled Expectations, the exhibit is expected to run until early August, but one of the organizers of the show told me that this was not the last of the exhibits they were planning. Some artists have already expressed interest in the next leg, he tells me. It was a very interesting night for a couple of reasons, but “wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.” (Wittgenstein)

3. Click the link in item no. 1 to the Cinemalaya story to find out that there is more than just film at the CCP this week. I am particularly recommending the social realism retrospective on the third floor.

There are also three art exhibits opening this Saturday, at Manila Contemporary, DAGC, Secret Fresh, and Vinyl on Vinyl (at least among those I know). It will be a very interesting weekend, and I wish all of you the best of it!


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