Here is Vinny Tagle’s take on Ang Nawawala.

We Talk About Movies

If you ask me what I love the most about Ang Nawawala, I would have a hard time answering your question. Is it the way the movie captured the romance and heartbreaks of adolescence? Is it the emotional weight of the family drama that meditated on loss and letting go of the past? Is it the way the music became a distinct entity because of its overpowering presence, the way it occupied the interiors of those cramped bars and kept on expanding and expanding until it became utterly, beautifully uncontainable? It is definitely all of these, but I won’t ever be able to accurately and completely put into words what I loved about Marie Jamora’s film because its sum is infinitely greater than its well-crafted parts.

Part of why Ang Nawawala is able to achieve something special is because of the way it projects tiny, precious moments, like watching a…

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