Song of the Year 2012 – the preliminaries

I have decided to do something on this blog that I am sure will culminate in something at the end of the year: a feature on my favorite song of the year. I am limiting this to songs on albums released in 2012, mainly from the Philippines. For reasons which some friends will find obvious, I am leaning toward independently produced music here.

So far, I have three songs on my list. In no particular order, these are:

1. Ciudad, “There’s a Lonely Road to Sunday Night” – This is from their newly-released album Follow the Leader. 

There’s supposed to be a video, which was first seen by lucky Ciudad fans at the album launch, but it will be out in due time. For now, enjoy this lovely picture by Jazz Nicolas and sing along!

2. Outerhope, “Lost Year.” – This is from their new EP No End in Sightwhich was released online this May through Number Line Records. You can download it through the above link.

3. Ang Bandang Shirley, “Di Na Babalik.” – While this song has been around for quite some time (and there is even an English version they sang in Singapore), this song will appear on the much-anticipated Tama Na Ang Drama album which, a reliable source tells me, should be out by September 2012. It is memorable not only because of its use in the Ang Nawawala soundtrack, but also because a new friend from this year ended up playing this with them (after hearing them play it thrice during the film’s shooting).

I would really be cheating if I counted “Chosen Few” by Tarsius featuring Slow Hello because the Tarsius vinyl record came out this year. (It was first released in 2011.) But I prefer hearing them live, especially on this one. As a weekend treat, enjoy this video from Bel Certeza, taken earlier this year at one of the Wilderness fundraiser gigs for their recent and, I was told, successful Bandung trip.

By the way, the hard rock/metal band Kastigo is celebrating its anniversary tonight. I know the musicians, and I wish them well, but I will be continuing my Cinemalaya week with The Animals gala screening later. Have a good weekend everyone.


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