Friday ruminations: Star-cross’d lovers

For my Friday ruminations, I would like to jump back in time to 2005.

I think Mabie Alagbate was the only reviewer of a recent Cinemalaya film who actually spoke about specific past work done by the director. Thanks to her kind reminder, I dug up my DVD of this music video, which brought me back in time a bit.

It’s hard to believe that I was just starting graduate studies in philosophy when that came out.

There was once a theatre company that put on a very successful adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream who believed that their next project was definitely a big one. It was Romeo and Juliet. And it had a theme song.

The DVD was an autographed one–I think it went for PHP 500. The event to launch it, and where I bought my copy, was at the Rockwell Tent, far from the Seventies glamour of the CCP. It was, after checking an old journal for the details, exactly seven years and five days before the video’s director came out with her first feature. The interesting thing is, the video is for a story about love that was not meant to be. The other interesting things are that this video was shot at the Henry J. Irwin Theater on the Ateneo campus, and the prologue and the final lines were acted out by Dr. Ricardo J. Abad, Tanghalang Ateneo’s longtime artistic director.

I wrote in my journal at that time that I spoke to the director that night, and the host of that event? Well, she’s now an associate producer of the said film and also plays a mom in another Cinemalaya entry, a performance which I commended recently. Unlike the star-crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet, things seem to have turned out well for them. I have no idea, though, about the theatre company that produced that play. Though I do know that the actress in that video is in a new production of Bizet’s Carmen.

I apologize if this bit of mid-Noughties pop rock comes to the fore just as, in a matter of minutes, the latest music video for the new Marie Jamora film will be out. (Her co-writer, Ramon de Veyra, directed it.) In any case, do enjoy the weekend.


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