Three things 23 – 6 August 2012

1. Today is the feast of the Transfiguration, whose timing (40 days before the feast of the Holy Cross) and origin (a battle between Christians and Muslims) is something to think about indeed–maybe because what it evokes is also particularly a fiery thing.

If one thinks about it, seeing glory is dangerous and fearful.

2. Last Saturday, I had a chance to meet three of Cinemalaya’s composers. I was at the birthday of Teresa Barrozo, who scored one film each in all of the competition categories. At the party, I met Diwa de Leon, who eventually won one of the best scoring prizes (for Raymond Red’s Kamera Obscura). Teresa Barrozo is one of the more interesting people I know, so it was a pleasure to be at her place for her birthday, along with film critics, directors, theater people, dancers, and others.

Later that evening, at what was apparently a very memorable Attraction! Reaction! gig (featuring moshing to Outerhope‘s “Twenty Years from Now”), I met the other winner (one of three) of the best scoring prize, this time in the New Breed Category, Mikey Amistoso. He was not playing, but he was there to sell both his band’s new album and the CD of his memorable solo project.

When the two worlds, music and film, collide, the result is always interesting.

3. I am listening to Radio Republic now–but there’s just a slight delay to their eight o’clock show. Do tune in to the show, and to their other features this week.


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