Three things 24 – 15 August 2012

First, best wishes of the day to everyone I know who graduated from the Assumption College’s two campuses. It is their feast of title today.

1. Last night, I was at the Philippine Educational Theater Association‘s place to see a press conference for their upcoming adaptation of Bona, featuring Eugene Domingo. It opens next week on the 24th of August and runs until September. Excerpts viewed last night look promising, and it should be a reminder especially to those who are not too fond of her film/television work of her roots in the theater. Please visit this page from PETA’s site for ticket information.

On the sidelines of the event, I discovered, once again, that it is a small world after all.

2. Weather permitting, I will be dropping by three events at the Collective in Makati later. Apart from an opening at Vinyl on Vinyl, Kanto will be hosting an experimental short film retrospective featuring John Torres’s work and the work of some other directorsLater that night there will be a gig featuring a very familiar line-up, including the second gig Outerhope will have after their very memorable set at Attraction! Reaction! last weekend. If you missed that set, here is Bel Certeza‘s video of the whole thing.


3. Arigato, Hato! is selling their very lovely EP Heartsongs for Humans to raise money for the Philippine National Red Cross, who is helping with disaster relief and preparedness in the country. Please do support this project. This is a wonderful record, as a previous post noted. (Click the link of the album name to order, by the way.)


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