If there are exactly two things to read this weekend…

1. For a bit of a summary of the story so far regarding a certain Philippine senator’s mishaps, and why he should be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee, here is this piece for Rappler by author (and recent winner of the Filipino Readers’ Choice awards) Miguel Syjuco.

2. And because I am not willing to throw my hat into a certain ring at this time, I might as well point readers to a meta-critical piece that draws attention to symptoms of a wider malaise. This is a piece by Nik, who blogs as I Write As I Write.

However, a brief note: one of the writers Nik mentions forgot (upon me reminding him) about the example of NPR as one way of how institutional structures could support local music. Actually, this is not a new suggestion from the Philippine context. Apart from Nik’s explicit mention of NPR, the blogger marocharim said that support for Filipino music must be set by example: if government invested in a genuine public broadcasting service (I assume it is of the BBC/NPR kind), it could set an example for others to follow.

But if there is a model for public broadcasting on radio and elsewhere that should be studied, it should be the NPR–which operates, it turns out, with majority of its funding from outside government.


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